Below are the services offered by us:


Web Page Designs

Web Solutions designs effective Web Sites which are applicable and relevant to your line of business. Well thought-out, consistent and color coordinated layouts will make a site memorable to the reader. Keeping your site up-to-date and innovative will encourage visitors to return.

Graphic Designs

Perfect Designs strongly feels that well designed and relevant graphics and animation, placed at the strategic places, will add considerably to the attractiveness of your Web Site. We also produce stand-alone graphics and animation to be incorporated in your existing Web Pages.

Image Scanning

Your photographs and current marketing material can be digitized up to a 2,400 dpi resolution and incorporated into your site.

Java & JavaScript

This is the lattest programme used by many sites nowsday.

Animated Images

Motion within your page attracts attention like no other effect. From complex logos, to simple illusions, we will make your site a memorable one.

Image map

Clickable images with more than one 'hot-spot' can add a little flair to your site. This is best used for navigation bars, because by clicking on different parts of one graphic, you can link to different pages.


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